Maximum CO (POTS) Lines: 96 Maximum PRI Channels: 92 (4 Cards) Maximum T-1 Channels: 96 (4 Cards) Maximum IP Gateway Trunks (IP-GW4): 16 Channels (4 Cards) Maximum IP Gateway Trunks (IP-GW16): 64 Channels (4 Cards) Maximum Digital Extensions: 64 (128 with DXDP, Not Recommended with all sites) Maximum Analog Proprietary Extensions (KX-T7700 Series Phones): 24 Maximum Single Line Telephones: 96 Maximum IP Phones: 96 Maximum Cell Stations: 32 Maximum Wireless Phones: 128 Maximum Door Phones: 16

Description Overview & Full Specifications of Panasonic KX TDA100D PBX
Overview: Combining the benefits of traditional telecommunications with the advantages of contemporary IP technology, Panasonic’s KX-TDA100D Hybrid IP-PBX System KX-TDA100D offers a wide range of capabilities to optimise your company’s communications. Solutions such as Wireless Mobility give you the freedom to respond to important calls when you are away from your desk or moving around the office, while advanced call centre functions make it easy to distribute calls, manage agents handling calls, and control internal use of the phone system, improving communication efficiency and allowing you to serve customers more effectively.
The Panasonic KX TDA100D PBX is the perfect example of the best way to ensure great business communication. Bringing together tele-communication and modern IP technology, this gives rise to a programmable device which can be tailored to suit your specific business needs. Design and Construction Featuring a modular chassis and interface the Panasonic KX TDA100D PBX is black, looks chic and blends in with your office décor. This business phone system with extensions has dimensions of 390 x 334 x 270mm and has a single trunk. It has 64 FCCS IP nodes and the same number of CCIS IP nodes. You can enjoy the following options- Redial, Call Transfer, Do Not Disturb. It has an SIP Trunk point to point and to multipoint and can be mounted on a desktop. Functions The Panasonic KX TDA100D PBX can be used for a variety of functions. It can be used for direct calling, call forwarding, call distributor and related functions. This PBX system will help ease the work of the receptionist or manager and helps create a convenient connectivity network amongst all the employees. Features This system comes with noise cancellation, can be programmed to ring simultaneously on a cell phone number the desk phone and comes with durable, scratch and splash proof handsets! Besides this, it has turned the CPU redundant as it manages situations of power failure as a stand alone device. Safety Features It is a true example of invention because when your IP enabled system appears to be corrupted, it can still assists in a smooth, planned migration to VoIP which allows voice and data communication to be harmonious.
Panasonic KX TDA100D PBX Specs Redial: Yes Call Hold: Yes Call Transfer: Yes Color: Black, Blue Do Not Disturb: Yes EPABX Type: PBX Features: QSIG Access to CO line, QSIG Connection, Tandem Connection, Transfer to Network PBX, Trunk Answer from Any Station, VirtuaPrivate Network, Walking Class Of Service, Walking Extensions Mount: Desktop Segment: Office