It is Fingerprint Recognition device for computer installing its own Fingerprint sensor to instantly it's security and convenience. FINGKEY Hamster II has a fingerprint sensing function and is a cutting-edge fingerprint sensor that prevents use of fake fingerprints. It can be connected to PC along with a normal mouse and used for all the areas involving passwords and will be a competent security gadget without having to use a password, which is often hard to remember and misused by unauthorized persons.


Product Features:


USB Connection - USB 2.0 compatible interface, plug and play device - Supports multiple devices handling Superior Matching Engine - 1st in FVC(Fingerprint Verification Competition) - Auto-on™ Function Advanced Optical Technology - Sensor resistant to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock International Standard Image Format and Interfaces - WSQ compression - ISO 19794-2/4, ANSI 378, NFIQ High Quality Image Capturing Strong Performance for Wet / Dry Finger
Nitgen Optical Fingerprint Reader‎ Specification Table: Item Descriptions
Optical Sensor OPP06
Size (mm) 48.5 x 66.3 x 82.1
Image Size 248 x 292 pixels
Resolution 500 DPI
Interface USB 2.0 High/Full Speed
Image acquisition time Full Speed: Avg. 500 msec. / High Speed: Avg. 300 msec.
Operating Temperature -20~60 ℃
Operating Humidity < RH 90%
Power Source USB BUS Power
OS Windows2000 or higher, Windows Server 2003/2008, Linux Kernel 2.6.x
Certificated KC, UL, CE, FCC
Product Applications: Agent Banking Health care system Substitution for password Security for computer and network. E-commerce. Security for banking and financial institutes for user authentication. Medical information system. Other fields requiring user authentication (SSO, CRM, Electronic payment, etc.)
Product Description: 01 year warranty. 5000 fingerprints or expandable up to 20.000 fingerprint or more using eNSearch. Fingerprint sensor that prevents use of fake fingerprints. Excellent abrasion ability (Prism Hardness 7 Moh), equivalent to quartz. Auto-on and multi device functions. It can be used for computer security. eNDeSS – Security Program: Windows Logon, Screen Saber, Folder En / Decryption, Event viewer.


Software development tool for integrators and software developers. Fast and perfect authentication trough excellent algorithm. FAR: 0.001% FRR: 0.1%. It perfectly verifies the authorized user with its fake fingerprint identification function. It makes accurate user identification with its excellent algorithm technology and accuracy. It is well designed for convenient use. It has high durability that ensures robustness. It ensures speedy verification. Dry fingers are also well sensed. It can be used in various client/server and internet environments as well as for computer security.
Special Features: Live Finger Detection. Auto-on. USB2.0 Full Speed / High Speed. Multi Device. CC (Common Criteria).