Archway metal detector security gate is economical, practical, and attractive, mainly because it matches places with medium detection requirements, such as nightclubs or entertainment locations. With the body height detection design and built-in electromagnetic field, metal items carried by people can be detected through alarm devices, various control equipment, weapons, metal products, electronic products, and other items containing metal, etc.

Archway MCD-300 Gate Metal Detector has a maximum false alarm rate of 1%, a password enabled option, and a built-in log that records passenger count and alarm time. Also, this metal detector is safe for heart pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic discs, tapes, and recording tapes. Active Securities & Solutions is an importer and supplier of all types of security equipment in Bangladesh.


Product Introduction:

The 100A pass-through metal detector gate is a fixed-mounted inspection device used to inspect personal persons. Metal objects are hidden in the body, when the inspected person passes through the security gate, the metal carried on the human body is super. When the parameter value is preset according to the weight, quality, or shape, the security door immediately alarms and displays. The alarm location allows security personnel to find out the prohibited items that the person carries.


Product Parameters:

1. Alarm way: Sound and LED Warning lights simultaneously Alam.
2. Detection Zone: Single zone.
3. Display ways: 8-digit digital display.
4. Sensitivity level: 0-99 adjustable, can be set according to detection requirements.
5. Channel size: 2000*720*320(mm)
6. Dimensions: 2200*854*400(mm)
7. Transport weight: 37KG
8. The net amount: 35KG


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