Ds-K1T105 is a series of standalone access control terminals designed with a 2.8-inch LCD display screen. It supports two network communication methods (TCP/IP and WI-FI) and supports offline operation. It also supports an HD camera.

Available Models
DS- K1T105E
DS-K1T105E-C (with camera)
DS-K1T105E-C (with camera)
Main features
Supports local activation IP addresses conflicted alarm M1 Card encryption supports communicating with four control clients simultaneously and supports uploading real-time events. Gets offline events avoid events and losing Doorbell ringtone setting function, touch mode, and blue light display technique for keypad stand-alone setting for the terminal's 2.8-inch LCD display screen to display the time, date, etc. Max. 100000 valid card numbers and max. 300000 access control events storage communication via wired network (TCP/TP) and wifi