Couns CU-K05 RFID & Password Access Controller System Specification: Working voltage: DC12V±10%,current<0.1A Net weight:130g Working temperature: 0 ~ 50℃ Working humidity: 10% ~ 80% Dimensions: 116mm × 116mm × 20mm Storage capacity 1000 user cards, 1 set Valid password. RF type: EM/ID card Card read distance: 5-15cm



116mm × 116mm × 20mm Sensitively and response quickly. Can add card number and delete card number as your requirement. Door open options (admin user selectable): ID card (key ring) only / password only / ID card (key ring) +password Storage capacity 1000 user cards, 1 set a valid password Lock output: NO/NC Professional design, great for home and office, come with a user manual.