Ahuja CMD-4200 Delegate Units have built-in loudspeakers and a high-quality sensitive electret condenser transducer mounted on 16\” flexible goosenecks. The microphones of the units are equipped with a Ring LED indicator for easy visual identification of the unit in operation. Each unit has a headphone output with volume control. The stylish, free-standing cast aluminum case has an angled facia incorporating the TALK switch which automatically mutes the internal speaker. The Chairman Unit also has a non-lockable PRIORITY switch which interrupts the meeting with a chime tone and mutes the delegates\’ microphones. Both units have recessed volume controls for setting desired sound levels. The matching CMS-4300 Secretary Unit has a built-in loudspeaker and a headphone output with volume control. The Secretary Unit enables proceedings to be recorded through a cassette recorder, for a stenographer present to take notes and to relay pre-recorded messages or music to delegates.

Max Input 300mW Input: Line Output: Line, Headphone with Volume Control Microphone: -63dBV/µbar (7.5mV/Pa) Current Consumption: < 50mA Max. Mic Auto Switch-Off Time: 75 seconds approx. Speaker: Max Input 300mW Controls: Priority Switch, Talk Switch, Speaker Volume Control, Headphone Volume Control Dimensions: W145 × H75 × D180 mm Weight: 1.30kg (w/o cable) Accessories: Foam Windshield, 2.5m Interconnecting Cable Warranty: 6 Months Service Warranty.
Ahuja CMD-4200 Delegate Unit For Conference System Features Ahuja Conference System CMD-4200 Ahuja Conference System Delegate Unit The delegate unit has a talk switch with led. It also has a Priority switch with led. When a priority switch is pressed, a chime tone is generated to seek attention and mute the active delegate microphones. 1.30 kg (w/o cable).