In the bustling world of communication, walkie-talkies stand as pillars of reliable connectivity. Active Force has emerged as a leading provider in Bangladesh, delivering top-notch solutions for various communication needs. Today, we delve into the specifics of one of their stellar products – the Yanton T-880 SBR.

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Overview of Yanton T-880 SBR

The Yanton T-880 SBR is not just another walkie-talkie; it's a culmination of cutting-edge technology and rugged design, tailored to meet the demands of modern communication challenges. Let's explore its features and capabilities in depth.

Features and Specifications

Durability and Build Quality

Crafted to withstand the harshest conditions, the Yanton T-880 SBR boasts unparalleled durability. Its robust construction ensures longevity, making it a reliable companion in any environment.

Range and Communication Capabilities

Equipped with advanced communication technology, this walkie-talkie offers an impressive range, facilitating seamless connectivity over vast distances. Whether it's urban jungles or remote terrains, stay connected with ease.

Battery Life and Power Options

With extended battery life and versatile power options, the Yanton T-880 SBR guarantees uninterrupted communication, ensuring peace of mind during prolonged operations.

Design and Ergonomics

The ergonomic design of the Yanton T-880 SBR prioritizes user comfort without compromising functionality. Its intuitive layout allows for effortless operation, making it ideal for long-term use.

User Interface

Featuring a user-friendly interface, this walkie-talkie simplifies communication processes, enabling quick access to essential functions. Navigate through settings with ease and focus on the task at hand.


From construction sites to event management, the Yanton T-880 SBR finds applications across diverse industries. Its versatility makes it indispensable for professionals seeking reliable communication solutions.


In a market saturated with options, the Yanton T-880 SBR stands out for its superior performance and unmatched reliability. When compared to other models, it emerges as the preferred choice, offering unparalleled value for money.

Customer Reviews

Don't just take our word for it; hear what our customers have to say. Positive reviews highlight the exceptional performance and reliability of the Yanton T-880 SBR, cementing its status as a must-have communication tool.

Pricing and Availability

Available at competitive prices, the Yanton T-880 SBR offers unmatched value for its features. Contact Active Force today to get your hands on this game-changing walkie-talkie and experience seamless communication like never before.

After Sales Support

Active Force doesn't just sell products; it builds relationships. With comprehensive after-sales support and a generous warranty policy, customers can rest assured knowing that assistance is just a call away.


In conclusion, the Yanton T-880 SBR stands as a testament to Active Force's commitment to excellence. With its unmatched durability, advanced features, and user-friendly design, it sets a new standard in the world of walkie-talkies. Embrace the future of communication with the Yanton T-880 SBR.


  1. What is the range of the Yanton T-880 SBR?

    The Yanton T-880 SBR offers an impressive range, ensuring reliable communication over long distances.

  2. How durable is this walkie-talkie?

    Built to withstand the toughest conditions, the Yanton T-880 SBR boasts exceptional durability, making it suitable for various environments.

  3. Can it be used in extreme weather conditions?

    Yes, the Yanton T-880 SBR is designed to function seamlessly in extreme weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted communication.

  4. Is it compatible with other brands?

    The Yanton T-880 SBR is compatible with select models from other brands, offering flexibility in communication setups.

  5. What industries can benefit from using it?

    From construction and security to event management and outdoor adventures, the Yanton T-880 SBR caters to a wide range of industries, providing reliable communication solutions.