Walkie-talkies, also known as two-way radios, are portable communication devices used for short-range communication. They are widely utilized in various sectors such as public safety, security, event management, construction, and outdoor activities due to their convenience and reliability.

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Importance of Walkie-Talkies in Communication

Walkie-talkies play a crucial role in facilitating real-time communication among individuals or groups, especially in scenarios where instant coordination is essential. Unlike mobile phones, walkie-talkies operate on radio frequencies, allowing communication even in areas with limited or no cellular coverage.

BTRC and its Role in Radio Equipment Regulation

BTRC Overview

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is the regulatory authority responsible for overseeing the telecommunications sector in Bangladesh. It ensures compliance with regulations and standards to maintain a stable and efficient communication infrastructure.

Regulation of Radio Equipment

One of BTRC's key responsibilities is regulating radio equipment to ensure its proper functioning and adherence to established standards. This includes the certification and enlistment of vendors authorized to sell radio equipment in Bangladesh.

Active Force: The Best Walkie-Talkie Seller in Bangladesh

Background of Active Force

Active Force stands out as a leading provider of walkie-talkies in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of products tailored to various industries' needs. With years of experience and expertise in the field, Active Force has earned a reputation for reliability and excellence.

Products and Services Offered

Active Force specializes in supplying high-quality walkie-talkies equipped with advanced features to enhance communication efficiency. In addition to sales, they provide comprehensive support services, including installation, maintenance, and training.

Quality and Reliability

Active Force is committed to delivering superior quality products that meet international standards. Their walkie-talkies undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability, clarity, and reliability, making them suitable for demanding environments.

Enlistment Process with BTRC

Requirements for Enlistment

To become an enlisted vendor of radio equipment with BTRC, companies must fulfill specific requirements, including legal compliance, technical specifications, and financial stability. These criteria ensure that only reputable and competent vendors are authorized to operate in the market.

Procedure for Enlistment

The enlistment process typically involves submitting an application to BTRC along with relevant documents and certifications demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements. Upon approval, vendors are granted official enlistment status, allowing them to legally sell radio equipment in Bangladesh.

Compliance with BTRC Standards

Importance of Compliance

Adhering to BTRC standards is essential for vendors like Active Force to maintain their credibility and uphold industry regulations. Compliance ensures that walkie-talkies meet minimum performance benchmarks and operate within allocated radio frequencies without causing interference.

Active Force's Commitment to Compliance

Active Force prioritizes compliance with BTRC standards at every stage, from product selection to distribution. They work closely with regulatory authorities to ensure their offerings comply with all relevant regulations, providing customers with reliable and legally compliant communication solutions.

Customer Satisfaction and Testimonials

Active Force's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in positive testimonials from satisfied clients across various sectors. Their prompt service, technical expertise, and reliable products have earned them the trust and loyalty of customers nationwide.


In conclusion, Active Force stands as the premier walkie-talkie seller in Bangladesh, offering top-quality products and services backed by BTRC compliance and customer satisfaction. With their commitment to excellence and regulatory standards, they continue to be the preferred choice for reliable communication solutions.


  1. Are Active Force's walkie-talkies suitable for outdoor use?

    • Yes, Active Force offers rugged walkie-talkies designed for outdoor environments, ensuring reliable communication even in challenging conditions.
  2. How long does the enlistment process with BTRC typically take?

    • The duration of the enlistment process can vary depending on factors such as document verification and regulatory approvals, but it usually takes a few weeks to complete.
  3. Does Active Force provide after-sales support and maintenance services?

    • Yes, Active Force offers comprehensive after-sales support, including installation, maintenance, and technical assistance to ensure optimal performance of their walkie-talkies.
  4. Can I customize walkie-talkies according to my specific requirements?

    • Active Force provides customization options to tailor walkie-talkie features and specifications to meet individual customer needs, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.
  5. How does Active Force ensure the quality and reliability of their products?

    • Active Force conducts thorough quality testing and certification processes to ensure that their walkie-talkies meet international standards for performance, durability, and reliability.