Say Goodbye to Pests with Expert Pest Control in Dhaka

Pest control is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy and safe environment, especially in bustling cities like Dhaka. As the population grows, so does the risk of pest infestations. In this article, we will explore the world of pest control in Dhaka and introduce you to Active Force, the leading pest control service provider in Bangladesh.
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Common Pests in Dhaka

Dhaka, being a metropolitan city, faces challenges with various pests. From rodents to insects, these pests pose threats to both health and property. Understanding the common pests and their impact is the first step toward effective pest control.

Active Force: Who We Are

Active Force stands out in the pest control industry in Bangladesh. With a team of skilled professionals and a commitment to eco-friendly practices, we have become a trusted name in pest control services.

Why Choose Active Force?

Our eco-friendly methods, skilled professionals, and customized solutions set us apart. We prioritize the safety of our clients and the environment, ensuring effective pest control without harm.

Pest Control Services in Dhaka

We offer a range of pest control services tailored to residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Our comprehensive approach ensures that no pest goes unnoticed.

The Pest Control Process

From thorough inspections to the implementation of control measures, our process is meticulous. We follow up with preventive measures to ensure a pest-free environment in the long run.

Importance of Timely Pest Control

Timely pest control is crucial to preventing infestations and safeguarding both health and property. Active Force emphasizes the importance of proactive pest control measures.

Customer Testimonials

Our satisfied customers share positive experiences and success stories. Their testimonials reflect the effectiveness of our services and the dedication of our team.

Tips for Pest Prevention

In addition to professional services, we provide tips for pest prevention. Proper waste management and regular cleaning practices can significantly reduce the risk of infestations.

Active Force's Commitment to Sustainability

We take pride in our environmentally friendly practices and responsible chemical usage. Active Force is committed to sustainable pest control that minimizes harm to the ecosystem.

Our Service Areas in Dhaka

With wide service coverage and easy accessibility, Active Force ensures that pest control solutions are readily available to residents and businesses across Dhaka.

Competitive Pricing and Packages

Our transparent pricing and customized packages make pest control services affordable and accessible to a wide range of clients. Active Force believes in providing value for money.

DIY Pest Control Tips

For those who prefer a DIY approach, we share home remedies and guidelines. However, we also emphasize the importance of seeking professional help when needed.

Emergency Pest Control Services

Pests don't wait for a convenient time to strike. That's why Active Force offers 24/7 emergency pest control services with a rapid response team, ensuring quick solutions to urgent situations.


In conclusion, Active Force stands as the best pest control service provider in Bangladesh. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices, skilled professionals, and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for pest control in Dhaka.


  1. How does Active Force ensure the safety of its clients during pest control? 
    Active Force prioritizes safety by using eco-friendly methods and carefully chosen chemicals that pose minimal risk to humans and pets.

  2. Can I schedule pest control services for my business after working hours?
    Yes, Active Force offers flexible scheduling, including after working hours, to accommodate the needs of commercial clients.

  3. What makes Active Force's pricing transparent?
    We believe in upfront pricing without hidden costs. Our pricing structure is clear, ensuring clients know what they're paying for.

  4. Are DIY pest control methods effective, or should I always seek professional help?
    DIY methods can be helpful for minor issues, but for larger infestations or preventive measures, it's advisable to consult professionals like Active Force.

  5. How quickly can Active Force respond to emergency pest control situations?
    Active Force has a rapid response team available 24/7, ensuring quick assistance during emergency pest control situations.