If you're in Dhaka and seeking the best in walkie-talkies, look no further than Active Force. In a city bustling with activity, reliable communication is crucial, and one product that stands out is the Motorola MT918 Two-Way Civilian Radio Set, priced at an affordable 6500 BDT.
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A. Brief about Active Force

Active Force has earned its reputation as the go-to destination for top-notch walkie-talkies in Dhaka. With a commitment to quality and a range of products, they cater to diverse communication needs.

B. Importance of walkie-talkies

In a world driven by instant communication, walkie-talkies play a vital role, offering reliable connectivity in various scenarios. Whether for professional use or personal adventures, a quality walkie-talkie is indispensable.

C. Introduction to the Motorola MT918

Among Active Force's impressive lineup is the Motorola MT918, a two-way civilian radio set designed for seamless communication. Let's delve into what sets this device apart.

Features of Motorola MT918

A. Durability and build

Built to withstand the rigors of daily use, the MT918 boasts durability without compromising on its sleek design. Its robust build ensures longevity, making it a reliable companion.

B. Long-range communication capabilities

Equipped with advanced technology, the MT918 offers an impressive communication range, ensuring connectivity even in expansive areas. This feature is particularly advantageous in Dhaka's dynamic environment.

C. Battery life and efficiency

Prolonged battery life is a hallmark of the MT918, making it suitable for extended use. Whether for work or leisure, users can rely on its efficient power management.

D. User-friendly interface

Navigating the features of the MT918 is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface. With intuitive controls, users can focus on communication without unnecessary complexities.

Benefits of Using Motorola MT918

A. Enhanced communication in Dhaka

Navigating Dhaka's bustling streets and crowded areas requires a communication device that can cut through the noise. The MT918 excels in providing clear, uninterrupted communication.

B. Versatility in various settings

From business environments to outdoor adventures, the MT918 adapts seamlessly, offering versatile communication solutions for diverse settings.

C. Cost-effective solution

Priced at 6500 BDT, the MT918 provides exceptional value for money, making it an accessible choice for individuals and businesses alike.

Why Active Force Stands Out

A. Commitment to quality

Active Force's dedication to quality is evident in their curated selection of walkie-talkies. The MT918 exemplifies their commitment to providing reliable communication solutions.

B. Customer testimonials

Positive feedback from satisfied customers speaks volumes about Active Force's reputation. The MT918, in particular, has garnered acclaim for its performance.

C. Range of walkie-talkie products

Active Force offers a range of walkie-talkie options, ensuring customers find a device that suits their specific needs. This variety sets them apart in the market.

Technical Specifications of Motorola MT918

A. Frequency range

The MT918 operates within a defined frequency range, optimizing communication capabilities in various scenarios.

B. Power output

With a notable power output, the MT918 ensures a stable and reliable signal, even in challenging environments.

C. Additional features

Explore the additional features that make the MT918 a standout choice for communication needs, from emergency alerts to hands-free options.

Real-world Applications

A. Professional use in businesses

Businesses in Dhaka benefit from the MT918's capabilities, enhancing communication efficiency within teams.

B. Personal use for outdoor activities

For outdoor enthusiasts, the MT918 becomes an essential tool, ensuring connectivity in remote areas.


In emergencies, the MT918 proves invaluable, providing a lifeline for quick and effective communication.

Price and Affordability

A. Competitive pricing

At 6500 BDT, the MT918 offers a competitive price point without compromising on quality.

B. Value for money

Investing in the MT918 means receiving a reliable communication device that delivers exceptional value for money.

Customer Reviews

A. Positive experiences

Customers praise the MT918 for its reliability, durability, and overall performance in various situations.

B. Testimonials on the MT918

Explore firsthand experiences shared by users who have found the MT918 to be an indispensable tool in their daily lives.

Comparison with Competitors

A. Analyzing other walkie-talkie brands

A comparative analysis showcases how the MT918 outshines competing walkie-talkie brands in terms of features, performance, and pricing.

B. How MT918 excels

Identify specific areas where the MT918 surpasses competitors, making it the preferred choice for many.

Tips for Effective Use

A. Proper channel selection

Optimizing communication involves choosing the right channels. Learn how to make the most of the MT918's features.

B. Maintenance and care tips

Ensure the longevity of your MT918 by following simple maintenance and care guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. How far can the MT918 transmit?

The MT918 boasts an impressive transmission range, allowing communication over considerable distances.

B. Is it suitable for outdoor adventures?

Yes, the MT918's durability and long battery life make it an excellent companion for outdoor activities.

C. Can it be used in different weather conditions?

The MT918 is designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliability in challenging environments.

D. Are there any accessories available for the MT918?

Active Force provides a range of accessories to complement the MT918, enhancing its functionality.

E. How does it compare to similar models?

A comparison with similar models highlights the MT918's superior features and value proposition.


A. Recap of key points

In conclusion, the Motorola MT918 emerges as a reliable and versatile choice for communication needs in Dhaka.

B. Encouragement to consider the Motorola MT918

Active Force invites you to experience the benefits of the MT918, a testament to their commitment to providing top-quality walkie-talkies.