Active Force proudly stands as the premier walkie-talkie seller in Dhaka, offering top-notch communication solutions to businesses and individuals. Among our impressive range, the Motorola GP3688 Two-way Radio set has emerged as a standout choice, priced at an attractive 15500 BDT.
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Features of the Motorola GP3688

The Motorola GP3688 is more than just a communication device; it's a powerful tool for seamless connectivity. Its robust and durable design ensures longevity, making it a reliable companion in various environments. With an impressive range, this two-way radio set excels in facilitating clear and efficient communication, even in challenging conditions. The advanced features further enhance its utility, making it a go-to choice for professionals.

Benefits for Businesses

Businesses benefit significantly from the Motorola GP3688. Improved team communication leads to increased efficiency and productivity. The cost-effective nature of this two-way radio set makes it an ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance their communication infrastructure without breaking the bank.

Technical Specifications

Digging into the technical details, the Motorola GP3688 operates within a specific frequency range, offering modulation options that cater to diverse communication needs. The battery life and charging options ensure uninterrupted communication and additional features like emergency alerts add an extra layer of safety and functionality.

User-Friendly Design

The ergonomic and user-friendly design of the Motorola GP3688 makes it accessible to users across various industries. Its customization options allow users to tailor settings according to their preferences, providing a personalized experience that enhances usability.

Pricing and Affordability

What sets the Motorola GP3688 apart is not just its features but also its competitive pricing. At 15500 BDT, it offers an affordable yet high-quality communication solution, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it—our satisfied customers speak volumes. Positive feedback and testimonials showcase the reliability and effectiveness of the Motorola GP3688 in real-world scenarios.

Comparison with Competitors

In a market filled with options, the Motorola GP3688 stands out. A brief comparison with other walkie-talkie models highlights its unique features and superior performance, making it the preferred choice.

Applications in Different Sectors

Explore the diverse applications of the Motorola GP3688 in various sectors, from hospitality to construction. Success stories and case studies illustrate its adaptability and success in enhancing communication across industries.

Maintenance Tips

Ensuring the longevity of your investment, we provide valuable tips on caring for and maintaining the Motorola GP3688. Proper maintenance guarantees optimal performance and a prolonged lifespan.

Warranty and Customer Support

Active Force takes pride in offering excellent customer support and warranty coverage. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the purchase, providing peace of mind and reliable after-sales assistance.

Future Technological Upgrades

Stay ahead in the game with Active Force. We keep an eye on future technological upgrades, ensuring our customers have access to the latest features and advancements in communication technology.

How to Purchase

Ready to experience the benefits of the Motorola GP3688? Purchasing is a breeze—simply contact us through our provided details or explore our online ordering options for a seamless transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is the Motorola GP3688 suitable for outdoor use?

    • Yes, the robust design and advanced features make it ideal for outdoor environments.
  2. What is the warranty period for the Motorola GP3688?

    • The Motorola GP3688 comes with a standard warranty period, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.
  3. Can I customize the settings on the two-way radio?

    • The user-friendly design allows for easy customization according to your preferences.
  4. Does the set come with a charging station?

    • Yes, the Motorola GP3688 includes a charging station for convenient recharging.
  5. Is technical support available after the purchase?

    • Yes, our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist with any technical queries post-purchase.


In conclusion, the Motorola GP3688 Two-way Radio set from Active Force is more than just a communication device—it's a game-changer. With a blend of robust features, affordability, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, it stands as the best choice for walkie-talkies in Dhaka. Elevate your communication experience today with the Motorola GP3688.