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Walkie-talkies have become indispensable tools for effective communication across various industries. In a world where seamless communication is crucial, having a reliable device is paramount. This brings us to Active Force, the leading walkie-talkie importer in BD, and its partnership with Kirisun, a renowned brand in communication technology.

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Active Force: The Leading Walkie-Talkie Importer in BD

Active Force has earned its reputation as a reliable importer of communication devices in Bangladesh. With a commitment to providing top-notch communication solutions, they have become a go-to source for businesses seeking quality walkie-talkies.

Why Kirisun Walkie-Talkies?

When it comes to walkie-talkies, Kirisun stands out as a brand that prioritizes innovation and reliability. These devices are equipped with features that make them the preferred choice for businesses and organizations looking for efficient communication tools.

Kirisun Walkie-Talkie Importer in BD

Active Force takes pride in being the key importer of Kirisun walkie-talkies in Bangladesh. This ensures that these communication devices are readily available and easily accessible to businesses and individuals seeking reliable communication solutions.

Kirisun Walkie-Talkie Supplier in Dhaka

With a specific focus on Dhaka, the bustling capital of Bangladesh, Active Force serves as the primary supplier of Kirisun walkie-talkies. This localized presence ensures that businesses in Dhaka have quick and convenient access to these essential communication tools.

Kirisun Walkie-Talkie Importer in Dhaka

Having a local importer in Dhaka streamlines the process for businesses in the area. Active Force's presence in the capital ensures a smooth and efficient supply chain, meeting the communication needs of businesses without unnecessary delays.

Benefits of Choosing Kirisun Walkie-Talkies

Kirisun walkie-talkies offer a plethora of benefits. From reliability in communication to advanced features catering to diverse applications, these devices are known for their durability and longevity, making them a sound investment for businesses.

Applications Across Industries

The versatility of Kirisun walkie-talkies makes them applicable across various industries. From construction sites to event management, these devices play a crucial role in ensuring seamless communication in different scenarios.

Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it; hear what businesses have to say about Kirisun walkie-talkies. Positive testimonials highlight the real-world effectiveness of these devices, building trust among potential customers.

Active Force's Customer-Centric Approach

Beyond just importing and supplying, Active Force adopts a customer-centric approach. From robust customer support to personalized solutions for specific needs, they prioritize customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Kirisun Walkie-Talkies for Enhanced Security

In the realm of security operations, walkie-talkies play a pivotal role. Kirisun devices come equipped with features that contribute to a secure communication environment, making them an ideal choice for businesses focused on safety.

Future Developments and Updates

Active Force is committed to staying abreast of Kirisun's latest products. This commitment ensures that customers always have access to cutting-edge technology, empowering them with the best communication solutions available.

Competitive Pricing and Special Offers

Active Force believes in offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Additionally, any ongoing promotions or discounts further sweeten the deal for businesses looking to invest in reliable communication devices.

Choosing Active Force for Your Communication Needs

In summary, Active Force emerges as the ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable walkie-talkie solutions. With their partnership with Kirisun, they offer not just devices but a commitment to seamless communication in various sectors.


In a world where effective communication is non-negotiable, Active Force and Kirisun walkie-talkies emerge as the dynamic duo ensuring businesses and organizations stay connected. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction solidifies their position as leaders in the communication technology landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Kirisun walkie-talkies suitable for outdoor use?

    • Yes, Kirisun walkie-talkies are designed to withstand various environmental conditions, making them suitable for outdoor use.
  2. What sets Active Force apart from other walkie-talkie suppliers?

    • Active Force distinguishes itself through its commitment to customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and a diverse range of communication solutions.
  3. Do Kirisun walkie-talkies come with warranty options?

    • Yes, Kirisun walkie-talkies typically come with warranty options. It's advisable to check with Active Force for specific warranty details.
  4. Can Kirisun walkie-talkies be customized for specific business needs?

    • Absolutely. Active Force provides customized solutions to meet the specific communication needs of businesses, ensuring optimal functionality.
  5. How quickly can I get access to Kirisun walkie-talkies through Active Force?

    • The accessibility of Kirisun walkie-talkies through Active Force ensures a swift process, allowing businesses to acquire the devices promptly.