How to get license for walkie talkie in Bangladesh

Walkie talkie a Hand-held two-way radio, a short distance communication device. These are used for a wide range of applications, including hiking, camping, and numerous business operations, due to their portability and ease of use. 

In Bangladesh, for example, you must have a license to legally use certain types of walkie talkies. This is to ensure BTRC compliance is in place and so that the business does not have to pay huge penalties. Good radio communication requires proper licensing for organised and interference-free communication.

Is it necessary to have a license to use my walkie talkie?

Types of Walkie Talkie and Licensing

FRS (Family Radio Service): This is the standard for short-range communication so what should you be looking for in product overview. Easy to understand and no license is needed in bangladesh But they come with some restrictions as well, like being low powered and being able to travel a few kilometers, which makes it best for singles or families.

GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service): GMRS radios are capable of more power and longer range than FRS radios. Anyone In Bangladesh must have GPRS radios licensed by the BTRC. These radios are best suited for larger communication requirements, like business or group activities.

MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service): No license is required for these radios, which have decent power and range options. These are highly flexible and fit for a number of application areas, hence, they do not require a formal licensing exercise due to them being a best practice.

How to Get a GMRS License

What You Need To Get A GMRS License

If you want a GMRS license in Bangladesh, then follow some of the rules of the BTRC:

Level 1: Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

National Identification Card or Passport: Valid Identification - You must have a national identification card, as well as a passport with your photo in it, to validate who you are and your citizenship status.

These may include: GMRS license requirements, Bangladeshi citizen; or being a legal resident.

Applying for a GMRS License

Online Application Mode: Visit the BTRC website and apply through a series of steps. This often means you're paying for an online form that you may have to fill out with your personal details and details regarding the walkie talkie you will be using.

Connected Fees: Plan to pay charges for the requirements of the certificate. Information on fees and payment methods, as well as how you can fill out an online form, will be available at the BTRC website.

What to Do After Applying

The processing time once your application is posted in the queue can differ. Once your application is approved, you will receive a GMRS license from BTRC. This certification will provide you with a license to use your GMRS walkie talkie within the law in Bangladesh.

How to Use Your Walkie Talkie Properly

GMRS License Rules You Need to Always Remember

Power Limits and Channel Etiquette: Stay within the power levels allowed by your GMRS licence to not interfere with other users. Proper chat etiquette is followed and that there is way too much chit chat on the channel. Rights to others on the channel are taken into consideration.

Illegal Usage: Only using approved channels for which the radio is licensed and staying within the preset licence power levels. These rules are intended to help in making the best use of the spectrum, which is the backbone for radio communications.

Responsible Walkie Talkie Use

Walkie etiquette This is the most important one, Whether the radio works in a 5 mile radius or a 15 radius, knowing how to respect a working line of communications is key to this avenue of private security. This ensures clear and effective communication.

Clear Communication - Ensure clarity and concise communication. Follow radio procedures (use your callsign and keep transmissions short—just the basic information).

Alternatives to Licensed Walkie Talkies

FRS Radios: These are unlicensed radios, and so businesses using these radios must apply to have their own licence. Some of them are low power and have a short range, but they are great for a personal range or... small group.

CB Radios: Citizen band (CB) radios are an alternative. They have a broader range than FRS radios and are used for other communication, But using CB radios needs another BTRC license to be legal in Bangladesh.

Additional Considerations

Renewing Your GMRS License

Follow the renewal process listed by BTRC to renew your GMRS licence. Users generally have a licence for a set period, and then must renew it. Be warned and have the grace to renew your licence when your GMRS walkie talkie expires.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

A lot of problems related to walkie talkie can be resolved by simple troubleshooting steps. Make sure your device is working properly; check the battery, antenna, settings, etc. If the problem keeps occurring, refer to the user manual or contact the professionals.


Getting a license is a must in Bangladesh for legal use of GMRS walkie talkie and it will make your GMRS walkie talkie as per BTRC compliance. 

Remember to always use your walkie talkies responsibly, follow all the rules and regulations, and renew your license when necessary. 

In the process, you would be able to have reliable and efficient radio communication.

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