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Active Force, Active Securities, and IT Solution have emerged as key players in providing walkie-talkie solutions in Bangladesh, backed by a legitimate BTRC license. In this article, we delve into the nuances of BTRC's licensing procedures, the importance of walkie-talkies, and how companies like Active Force contribute to a secure and compliant communication landscape.

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BTRC's Walkie-Talkie Licensing Process

Understanding BTRC's Role

BTRC plays a pivotal role in regulating and licensing walkie-talkie operations in Bangladesh. Let's explore the steps involved in acquiring a BTRC license for walkie-talkies, ensuring lawful and secure communication channels.

Application Procedure

Navigating through the application process is crucial. Learn about the documentation requirements, processing timelines, and essential information needed to obtain a BTRC license for walkie-talkies. Please contact- 01630971218

License Categories

Explore the different license categories offered by BTRC, catering to diverse needs. Whether for personal use, commercial purposes, or specific industries, BTRC provides tailored licensing options.

BTRC's Strict Instructions: Preventing Illegal Use

Regulatory Measures

Discover the stringent measures implemented by BTRC to prevent the illegal use of walkie-talkies. From frequency control to monitoring systems, BTRC ensures a secure communication environment.

Enforcement Strategies in Dhaka

Dhaka, being a hub of activities, requires specialized attention. Uncover BTRC's focused strategies to prevent the unauthorized use of walkie-talkies in the capital, safeguarding public safety.

Licensing Equipment in Bangladesh and Dhaka

Equipment Authorization

Dive into the details of BTRC's authorization process for walkie-talkie equipment. Understand the standards and specifications that equipment must meet to receive licensing approval.

Dhaka-Specific Regulations

For businesses and individuals operating in Dhaka, it's vital to be aware of city-specific regulations. Learn about the nuances and additional requirements when licensing walkie-talkie equipment in Dhaka.

Active Force, Active Securities, and IT Solution: Your Trusted Partner

In our commitment to providing reliable communication solutions, we, at Active Force, Active Securities, and IT Solution, take pride in offering BTRC-licensed walkie-talkies. Our experience and authority in the field make us your trusted partner for secure communication needs.

Context of Licensing in IT Solutions

Integrating walkie-talkie licensing into broader IT solutions is a strategic move. This section explores the synergy between communication and information technology, showcasing how BTRC licensing aligns with the broader landscape of IT solutions.


Securing a BTRC license for walkie-talkies is a crucial step towards ensuring lawful and secure communication in Bangladesh. Whether you are an individual or a business, understanding BTRC's guidelines is essential. Trust Active Force, Active Securities, and IT Solution for your communication needs, backed by BTRC-approved walkie-talkies.


How long does it take to obtain a BTRC walkie-talkie license?

The processing time varies but typically takes a few weeks. Ensure all required documents are submitted for a smoother process.

Can individuals apply for a walkie-talkie license, or is it only for businesses?

Both individuals and businesses can apply for walkie-talkie licenses. BTRC offers different categories to cater to diverse needs.

What measures does BTRC take to prevent illegal walkie-talkie use in Dhaka?

BTRC employs advanced monitoring systems and strict regulatory measures to curb illegal walkie-talkie use, especially in Dhaka.

Are there specific regulations for walkie-talkie equipment in Dhaka?

Yes, Dhaka has city-specific regulations. It's crucial to be aware of and adhere to these regulations when licensing walkie-talkie equipment.

Can I trust walkie-talkies licensed by Active Force, Active Securities, and IT Solution?

Absolutely. We are an authorized seller with a BTRC license, ensuring that our walkie-talkies meet all regulatory standards for secure communication.

What sets BTRC-licensed walkie-talkies apart from others in the market?

BTRC-licensed walkie-talkies guarantee compliance with regulatory standards, offering a secure and interference-free communication experience.