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Walkie-talkies have become an essential communication tool in various sectors, from business to public safety. In Bangladesh, the legality of using these devices is regulated by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). Active Force proudly stands as the best walkie-talkie seller in BD and a leading BTRC license provider.
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Understanding BTRC License

The BTRC license is a regulatory requirement for operating communication devices like walkie-talkies in Bangladesh. It ensures that these devices meet the necessary standards and comply with the country's communication regulations. Having a BTRC license is not just a legal formality; it's a crucial step in promoting secure and interference-free communication.

Why Choose Active Force?

Active Force has earned its reputation as a reliable BTRC license provider through years of expertise and dedication. Choosing Active Force means opting for a seamless process, expert guidance, and a commitment to delivering high-quality services. When it comes to licensed walkie-talkies in BD, Active Force stands out as the go-to provider.

Licensed Walkie-Talkies in BD

The use of licensed walkie-talkies in Bangladesh is not just a legal requirement; it comes with numerous benefits. Licensed devices ensure interference-free communication, better signal quality, and adherence to regulatory standards. In a crowded and dynamic environment, having a BTRC license for your walkie-talkies is a strategic decision.

The Process of Obtaining a BTRC License

Acquiring a BTRC license for your walkie-talkies through Active Force is a straightforward process. From application submission to approval, Active Force guides you at every step, making the entire procedure efficient and hassle-free. Let's explore the steps involved in obtaining a BTRC license.

  1. Application Submission: Start by submitting a comprehensive application to Active Force, providing all necessary details about your organization and the intended use of walkie-talkies.

  2. Document Verification: Active Force reviews your application and ensures that all required documents are in order. This step is crucial for a smooth approval process.

  3. Technical Compliance: The communication devices must meet specific technical standards set by BTRC. Active Force ensures that your walkie-talkies comply with these standards.

  4. Approval Process: Once all requirements are met, Active Force facilitates the approval process, liaising with BTRC on your behalf to expedite the license issuance.

Features of Active Force BTRC License Services

Active Force goes beyond the basic requirements, offering additional features in its BTRC license services.

  • Expert Consultation: Benefit from expert consultation services to understand the specific needs of your organization and choose the right license.

  • Timely Updates: Active Force keeps clients informed about the status of their license applications, providing transparency throughout the process.

  • Comprehensive Support: From application submission to post-approval support, Active Force ensures that clients have a reliable partner at every stage.

Benefits of Having a BTRC License

Having a BTRC license for your walkie-talkies brings several advantages:

  1. Legal Compliance: Avoid legal complications by operating communication devices in adherence to BTRC regulations.

  2. Improved Communication: Enjoy clear and interference-free communication, essential for effective coordination in various industries.

  3. Enhanced Security: Licensed walkie-talkies provide a secure communication channel, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

  4. Professional Reputation: Being a BTRC-compliant organization enhances your professional reputation, instilling trust in clients and partners.

Customer Testimonials

"Active Force made the entire process of obtaining a BTRC license a breeze. Their team was responsive, and the approval came faster than expected. Highly recommended!" - XYZ Corporation.

Common Misconceptions About BTRC Licenses

Misconceptions about BTRC licenses are common. Let's address a few:

  1. Myth: BTRC Licenses are Only for Large Corporations

    • Reality: BTRC licenses are essential for businesses of all sizes, ensuring legal and interference-free communication.
  2. Myth: The Process is Lengthy and Complicated

    • Reality: With Active Force's assistance, the process becomes streamlined and efficient.

Walkie-Talkie Maintenance Tips

Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your walkie-talkies involves simple yet crucial maintenance tips:

  • Regular Checks: Conduct routine checks to ensure all components are functioning correctly.
  • Battery Maintenance: Keep batteries charged and replace them periodically to avoid communication breakdowns.
  • Firmware Updates: Stay updated with the latest firmware to benefit from improved features and security patches.

Future of Licensed Communication in BD

As technology evolves, communication regulations will continue to adapt. Active Force remains at the forefront, ensuring its clients stay compliant with the latest standards and innovations.

Active Force Community Engagement

Active Force actively engages with the community through initiatives promoting communication safety. These efforts contribute to a safer and more connected society.

Comparison with Competitors

While several BTRC license providers exist, Active Force distinguishes itself through a commitment to efficiency, transparency, and unmatched customer support.

Educational Resources on BTRC Licensing

For those eager to delve deeper into BTRC licensing, Active Force provides educational resources, ensuring clients stay informed and empowered.


In conclusion, choosing Active Force as your BTRC license provider is a strategic decision for seamless communication, legal compliance, and professional reputation. Secure your walkie-talkies with a BTRC license from the best in the industry.


     1. Q: How long does it take to obtain a BTRC license through Active Force?

    • A: The timeline varies, but Active Force ensures a streamlined process, aiming for timely approvals.
  1. Q: Are BTRC licenses only for businesses, or can individuals apply as well?

    • A: BTRC licenses apply to both businesses and individuals, ensuring compliance for all users.
  2. Q: Can I use unlicensed walkie-talkies in Bangladesh without facing legal consequences?

    • A: Operating unlicensed walkie-talkies in Bangladesh is illegal and can result in legal consequences.
  3. Q: How often should I conduct maintenance checks on my licensed walkie-talkies?

    • A: Regular maintenance checks are recommended, ideally every month, to ensure optimal performance.
  4. Q: What makes Active Force stand out from other BTRC license providers in Bangladesh?

    • A: Active Force distinguishes itself through efficiency, transparency, and comprehensive customer support.