Best Security Guard Company in Dhaka Bangladesh

Safety and Security are essential things in a densely populated city like Dhaka. Security guard companies play an important role in making our life safe and secure.They run services such as patrols, coupled with armed and unarmed guards, and electronic security solution.How to find the best security guard company in Dhaka.

Key Aspects in Selecting the Right Security Partner

Experience and Licensing

You need to choose a security guards company which offers plenty of experience and with proper licences.The other advantage is that since the licensed companies hire trained personnels they can respond to various security situations.

Do They Have Adequate Guard Training and Qualifications?

Ensure that the security guards company provides training to its guards from time to time. The security challenges can be well tackled with the help of well trained guards.

Armed or Unarmed Guards

Some (security [requirements]) need specific services Work out whether you require armed or unarmed guards, mobile patrols, or electronic security.

Customer Service and Communication 

Good communication is key. You will want to pick a security guard company with high-quality customer service that is easily contactable.

Insurance & Bonding

It is also wise to make sure that the company has insurance and bonding.This means that you are insurable in case of any accidents or damages.

What are the Cost and Payment Options? 

Price and Payment Options All this without breaking the bank; you want to find a service that will meet your security standard, yet is not going to take too big of a chump out of your wallet.

Needs Assessment for Security

Is it residential, commercial or industrial property

The property sort determines the sort of protection to install. Unarmed guards will be essential for residential properties, and armed guards are necessary for commercial and industrial properties.

Theft, Vandalism, Access Control Needs

Determine the security threats that your property encounters This assists in knowing which security guard company is best suited for managing such risks.

Cost Affordability

Discover a reasonable rent to own all in one place that you can afford without having to forget top notch order.

Top Security Guard Company in Dhaka

Below are listed some of the best security guard companies in Dhaka An archetype:

Steer clear of Security & Investigation Services Ltd.

Services Offered:

  • Armed and unarmed guards
  • Mobile patrols
  • Electronic security solutions
  • Security consultancy

Contact Information:

Phone: [Insert Phone Number]

Email: [Insert Email Address]

Website: https://activesisbd.com/

Important Points to Remember

Background Checks for Security Guard: The Pillars of Trust and Reliability

Make sure the guards have been vetted thoroughly.This guarantees they are reliable

Professional first impression: why security guards need to have professional looking Security Guard Uniforms and high visibility.

Uniformed security guards are easily recognisable. This discourages would-be offenders and contributes to an atmosphere of safety.

How Guards and Clients Are Expected to Communicate and Report

Make sure you have a robust communication and reporting system in place to address any security incidents

How to Find the Right Security Company for Peace of Mind

Of course, choosing a security guard company is a big decision - one that is essential to everyone's safety. Account for experience, services, customer service etc. Get quotes and consultation from shortlisted companies.


What Are the Typical Costs of Hiring Security Guards?

Pricing varies depending on training, services needed, and contract length. Contact the company for details on pricing.

How Long Does It Take to Get Security Guards Deployed?

Deployment time varies.There are the companies that can have you guarded in as little as a few hours and there are others that may take a few days.

Can Security Guards Make Arrests?

Security guards cannot make arrests like police officers. They can detain suspects until the police arrive.

What Are My Rights When Dealing with Security Guards?

You have the right to expect professional behaviour from security guards. Address any concerns with the security company immediately.

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